I am a high-technology veteran who has spent over 16 years dealing with Semiconductor/EDA and Electronics businesses.  I was in Engineering for a while, but gave that up a long time ago to get into marketing. To me, there is no place like high-tech marketing! My full time job is to run Markonix, a company that specializes in providing complete marketing services for electronics businesses.

I am interested obviously in high-tech, but also in things that improve the quality of life for everyone of us. I hate corruption, nepotism, inefficiency and a cannot do attitude, need I say more?

These days, I have become a major fan of world war II era detective and spy fiction. My favorite writers are Alan Furst, Philip Kerr and David Downing. I also love reading business books, although not on long flights.


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  1. Abhijit,

    First may I share that I came to know about you through Pune Chips forum where I attended couple of sessions organized through it.

    The prime reason which drawn me to post a comment here is to reach out
    to share with you a product idea developed by my friend Mr. Sreelaj John, pioneering the development of Cloud OS and associated products in that line. May I share with you that he got recognized as most innovative product with among top 10 in EMERGE 50 list
    at NASSCOM [http://emerge.nasscom.in/], India.

    Please find the details at:

    And for further expansion, he has built a retail partnership with Holland Trade: http://www.hollandtrade.com/ and for market development will be mentored by: http://startupwiseguys.com/

    He is looking for opportunity for business expansion in India as Indian market is still not that mature having no product in this line.

    For the same I was thinking if we could request to meet you in person and have a short meeting. John and me are also working to conduct a corporate event at his Magarpatta office with demonstrating the technology and its features.

    We would be really grateful to you for your time and help.

    Thanking you


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